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How We Met?

Back in 2013, two teams of people from Hong Kong & Tokyo - with their expertise in IT knowledge, Cloud Computing, creativity, innovation - came across each other for a project for the very first time.

With mutual respect (and a lot common sense of humor), they have joined force to tackle various projects since then.

6 years after their first encounter, in 2019 Feb, with the addition of another fun team of people from Taiwan, they took another step and created Color Software Lab and proud to be the first Authorised Oracle NetSuite Commerce Partner in Asia.

Main Members


Ivan Cheung

#Consulting #Vision #Manga


Jackie Wong

#Software #Idea #CarRacing


Kachun A. Chan

#System #Engineer #Beer


Miki Handa

#Creative #Design #BlackCoffee

Where We Are

Where We Are? Where We Are?